Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Most Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr.?

Whatever you are Republican or Democrat. Whether you are for or against Barack Obama. It is very interesting that Brite Divinty school (TCU) is holding a Summit on the State of the black church. And who are they honoring? Who did they decide to hold up as an example of what a black pastor should look like? Tony evans? No. None other than Jeremiah Wright Jr..

I think this decision shows a lack of wisdom and judgment by Brite Divinity school. The U.S. is not and will never be perect. I do not think the U.S. is some kind of new Israel or a new chosen people. And I am against an almost worship of our great country that occurs in some churches. However Rev. Wright's remarks go way too far.

In an interview on Fox News, Obama stated that he never heard those kinds of remarks. He had ony heard that Rev. Wright had said a couple of not so radical remarks. Obama said if he had heard those radical remarks then he woud have quit the church. Rev. Wright has been Obama's pastor for over 20 years. He married Obama and baptized his children. Many think it is remarkable, at best, that Obama never heard Rev. Wright's more radical remarks. I am not that suprised. After watching Obama waffle when asked the question if Obama was a member off Wright's church in good standing. He stated that they had many times when they did not attend often.

I do not see any justification for many of rev. Wright's comments. And Rev. Wright's concentration on "the black church" with "black leaders" and black salvation , etc. makes me wonder if he has ever read Galatians 3. One of the great things about Christianity is that we are no longer divided by things like race, sex, etc.. If we are "saved" then we are Christians and part of the one church. We are no longer black or white, make or female first. We are adopted sons of the Father first. And our identity is centered around that familial relationship.

But TCU is foolish to be honoring Rev. Wright so soon after all of the press about his comments. i can't see it being anything but negative for TCu and Brite Divinity school. There are so many outstanding black pastors out there in many different denominations. It was an error in judgement to honor rev. Wright instead of a pastor who deserves recognition.

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